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If your business sells products or provides services on credit terms to other businesses or governments… you can eliminate the long billing cycles that put a strain on your cash flow by financing your invoiced receivables and getting your money in one day even though your customer isn’t going to pay for 30 to 60 days.

This financial service is called Factoring (see below for some other common terms used for Factoring) and it can help your business no matter if you are growing fast or just struggling to survive.

Accounts Receivable Financing (Factoring) made simple:

1. You Give Us Your Invoice… 2. We Give You The Money.

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Get Cash Now for Invoices with No Waiting!

It's quite simple...just ship your product or provide your service, submit your original invoice to us and receive a payment from us by wire or direct deposit, within one business day.

The cost for factoring is relatively inexpensive and most businesses can afford this service which gives them the ability to deal with:

  • A Business that needs more Working Capital to operate and fuel growth.
  • Slow paying customers are putting your business growth and survival at risk.
  • Being able to Increase sales by offering better terms to your new and larger customers.
  • Spending too much time collecting outstanding invoices from slow paying customers and not enough time building your business,
  • Being turned you down for traditional bank financing due to reasons like; not enough years in business, little or no profit, not enough assets, or simply not enough financial strength?

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These are problems many businesses face that can be solved with a financial service called Factoring (more info).

Other terms for Factoring are:

  • Accounts Receivable Factoring
  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Invoice Financing
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Invoice Factoring

Tell us a little bit about your business:

These terms all refer to a financial service that allows a business to sell its outstanding receivables to a financial institution called a Factor and receive immediate funding for a small factoring fee.

MKL Funding is a member of the MKL Business family and is solving the puzzle of business in all 50 States!

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